Empire of The Ants – Movie

One of the best ant movies of all time! If you’re freaked out by ants, count yourself lucky, at least you’re not dealing with some sleazy real-estate developer in the Florida everglades and giant super-smart radioactive ants! Empire of the Ants with Joan Collins and Robert Lansing (1977) may not be theee perfect movie for …

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When do ants wake up from hibernation?

Ant on ice

STAGE 1: As it starts to warm up in the Spring (or even late winter), a few ants will start to become active inside the nest. You may even see one or two ants walking on the snow if it’s sunny enough. STAGE 2: After four or five days of temperatures above freezing (+5 c / …

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Top Ten Questions and Answers About Ants

Random ants

1. Why do ants come in the house? In the spring, as things start to warm up, ant colonies send out “scouts” to forage for food and fuel. [more] 2. Do ants hibernate? Generally, ants hibernate during the winter, moving deep underground, grouping together, and generally limiting activity to conserve energy. [more] 3. How big …

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Random Scenes of a Camponotus noveboracensis Colony

AntsCanada produced this video, they’re a cool organization that promotes ant keeping as a hobby. “It’s aim is to make pet ant keeping simple and enjoyable and thereby promote ant awareness and inspire conservation.” – AntsCanada.com This video is from way back in 2011, but they have a lot more up-to-date video content on their …

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Do ants and spiders get along or are they enemies?

Some spiders avoid ants The majority of spiders are solitary predators, they don’t like being around ants because ants are generally territorial, aggressive and some are venomous or noxious. Some spiders get along with ants Hundreds of species of spiders live close to or even with ants. Some of these spiders will mimic ant behavior …

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Why do some ants become so much larger?

Soldier ant

Biologist (Prof. Ehab Abouheif) has figured out that the ants themselves are determining how many in their colony become larger, soldier ants, depending on the need of the colony. Check out the news story here and the full research paper here. When an ant colony is threatened the percentage of soldier ants in the colony …

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What do ants do in the winter?

Ants sort-of hibernate, they generally take it easy and remain pretty inactive in their nests in the Fall and Winter. When the temperature starts to drop below +5 C (+41 F), ants become sluggish and retreat to their nests. Some ants actively collect and store food in their nests for the Winter. During the cold …

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The real Ant-Man and Ant Tacos

The real Ant-Man, Brian Fisher! “All I do is Ants, I reasearch ants, I study ants, I teach ants, I eats ants!” “You eat them?” “Well, they’re tasty actually. You can get them in tacos…” [pause video], Okay Google; are ant tacos a thing? Yes, apparently an ant taco is a thing. Yum.

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The Ant Life Cycle

The ant life cycle has five stages… Nuptial flight (flying ants land and mate) Egg (small oval shaped eggs) Larva (grow in size as they are fed by adult ants – look like rice) Pupa (silk-like cocoon – ant body takes shape inside) Adult (ant) The whole process can take 8-10 weeks in warmer climates …

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