Ants are cool

Interested in a pet ant?

Have you ever heard of AntsCanada? Me either… AntsCanada is an organization promoting the pet ant keeping hobby, myrmecology, ecology, and habitat conservation.

Ant-Man #1 Movie in The World!

Well done Ant-Man! Ant-Man $24,909,332 Pixels $24,011,616 Minions $22,933,960 Trainwreck $17,281,950 Southpaw $16,701,294 Source

Ants and Their Bathrooms

I have to admit I haven’t given Ant pooping habits much thought – till now. While an ant nest may not look much like a human home, they do have at least one feature in common: toilets. A team of researchers studying ant pooping patterns have discovered that ants like to deposit their business in… read more »

How ants walk

Here’s a pretty cool video showing the physics of an ant walk… It’s a tweet from @SciencePorn. How ants walk. — SciencePorn (@SciencePorn) September 6, 2014