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Empire of The Ants – Movie

(Not to totally creep you out; but..) I suppose if you have found yourself at this website it’s probably because you are dealing with some sort of ant problem and you probably are bothered by the presence of ants in your house. Well, consider yourself lucky. At least you’re not involved with some sleazy real-estate developer in the Florida everglades.

empire-of-the-ants-movie-posterThe next time you’re checking out a garage sale or the VHS bin at the re-use, recycle store you should pick up this movie.

Empire of the Ants with Joan Collins and Robert Lansing may not be the perfect movie for ant-phobes, but it is totally cheesy, campy and creepy. Good for a laugh (while you secretly squirm and choked down nightmare images for the next two weeks).

FYI, as a promotional gimmick for the film theaters would display ant farms in their lobbies – though they weren’t allowed near the concession counters. FYI-2, the director created some of the special ant-effects by shooting magnified images of the Panamanian bullet ant.

Watch the trailer. For they shall inherit the earth… sooner than you think!