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More short answers to questions about ants

More short answers to frequently asked questions at AntsInMyHouse.com

biggest ant in the world?Over two inches. More here
how to get rid of ants in my housePlug the entry point, take away the attractant, wait. Details here…
does killing ants attract moreYes, they always leave a trail for others to follow and when you kill an ant it sends out a scent signal to call for other ants.
what does it mean when you see a queen antYou’re watching Empire of The Ants on tv?
can ants survive ant powderNo. The powders work well, but they do take some time.
if ants show up does it mean i need more order in my house and lifeNo. Order is nice, but it won’t stop ants.
what’s the best ant powderInsectigone Ant Killer.
why does one ant carry another dead antNobody get’s left behind!

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