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Ants and Their Bathrooms

I have to admit I haven’t given Ant pooping habits much thought – till now. While an ant nest may not look much like a human home, they do have at least one feature in common: toilets. A team of researchers studying ant pooping patterns have discovered that ants like to deposit their business in… read more »

Ok, Wait. Flying Fire Ants?

As if the spread of European fire ants across the Lower Mainland isn’t bad enough, there is a new kind of ant that can fly. The ‘Impressive’ Fire Ant is now invading B.C.’s Lower Mainland – http://t.co/wuLdruzovT pic.twitter.com/EtmgqloSXF — Global BC (@GlobalBC) October 8, 2014

How ants walk

Here’s a pretty cool video showing the physics of an ant walk… It’s a tweet from @SciencePorn. How ants walk. pic.twitter.com/UIVnr71J41 — SciencePorn (@SciencePorn) September 6, 2014

More short answers to questions about ants

More short answers to frequently asked questions at AntsInMyHouse.com biggest ant in the world? Over two inches. More here… how to get rid of ants in my house Plug the entry point, take away the attractant, wait. Details here… does killing ants attract more Yes, they always leave a trail for others to follow and… read more »

How big is the World’s biggest ant?

ANSWER: 5-6 centimeters = over 2 inches … Ants range in size from 0.75 to 52 millimeters (0.030–2.0 in), the largest species being the fossil Titanomyrma giganteum, the queen of which was 6 centimeters (2.4 in) long with a wingspan of 15 centimeters (5.9 in) [source]. … The largest living ant in the world today is the Queen Driver Ant…. read more »