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Short answers to frequently asked questions at AntsInMyHouse.com


why are there ants in my house They are looking for food.
how do ants get in the house They are very small.
does finding ants in my house mean i have a nest in my house No. They usually nest outside.
how long do ants live in a house They are usually just visiting. They will only stay as long as there is something to eat.
how to get rid of ants in basement Details here.
why do i attract ants Maybe you have something they want (like food).
why do ants come in house in spring Looking for food.
how long do ants live after eating borax and sugar They usually carry it back to the nest. It can take 2 or 3 days for it to work.
how many ants are in my house More than you can see.
how to find the queen ant in your house She’s not in your house. She’s in the nest in the yard.

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  • What attracted the ants in the first plan. A house that is not maintained, cracks,crevices all over the building

    • Every house has cracks and crevices (there aren’t many air-tight houses), the best way to keep ants away is to not give them a reason to come in – keep attractants (food) to a minimum. Good luck!