Ant control

Some suggestions for luring ants into your traps

A few suggestions for luring ants into your traps. Thnx Pat! *fyi: I tried to track down “Pat Tobin – @tastefactory”, but couldn’t find the original Instagram post. If you find it, please let us know (in the comment section, or click “contact” on the main menu). Thnx

Guy leaves a note for the ants

This guy is trying the Borax solution and doesn’t want anyone to move it, so he leaves a note for “the people” and a note for the ants. He probably should have also added the line “not a step”. 😉 I'll let you know if this borax mixture works. #ants🐜 A post shared by drjones993… read more »

Tricks for finding the nest

How do you find the nest (or entry points) when there are only one or two ants in your house? Invite more! 😉

How to get rid of ants…

Where do they come from? What do they want? How can I get rid of them? Most common ants live outside in the ground, in nests or ant hills. Several hills and nests can make up one colony. The queen ant (which can live up to 30 years) is in charge and is responsible for… read more »

When do ants wake up from hibernation?

STAGE 1: As it starts to warm up in the Spring (or even late winter), a few ants will start to become active inside the nest. You may even see one or two walking on the snow if it’s sunny enough. STAGE 2: After four or five days of temperatures above freezing (+5 c / +41… read more »

Ophiocordyceps fungus vs. an ant

Video+timelapse by @anandavarma for @natgeo. This ant is infected with ophiocordyceps fungus. The beginning of the video shows the ant in its last hours of life, twitching under the control of the mind-controlling parasitic fungus. The fungus made the ant crawl up the plant and bite down on the edge of the leaf. The fungus… read more »

Eliminating Ants –

Ants are a part of life no matter where you live. They can range from simple nuisance ants that invade your kitchen, to carpenter ants that can cause major damage to your house, or even painful stinging swarms of fire ants. With over 1,000 different species of ants in North America, there is no “one… read more »

The Borax ant killer formula

How does Borax kill ants? The ants carry it back to their nests to share it with the other ants. When the ants actually start to eat the Borax, boric acid causes them to get really gassy (gas builds up inside their bodies).  Ants don’t get rid of gas like we do, so they eventually… read more »