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What is this, a movie for ants?!

Another big victory for the ant kingdom this weekend! Top Ten Movies from over the weekend [source]… Ant-Man and the Wasp – $76,030,000 Incredibles 2 – $29,021,000 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – $28,585,000 The First Purge – $17,150,000 Sicario: Day of the Soldado – $7,300,000 Uncle Drew – $6,625,000 Ocean’s 8 – $5,285,000 Tag – …

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Flying ants – everywhere!

So, you walk into a place and ask to use the washroom. Um… that’s okay, I can wait ’til the next stop. Mating flight! Look at all of these crazy Atta cephalotes males. They found the right bathroom! #tropics #fieldwork #uconneeb #laselvalife pic.twitter.com/6XRtcqRWzz — Erin Kuprewicz (@ErinKup) June 15, 2018

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Giant Ants!

Check out this exhibit by sculptor Rafael Gómezbarros – pretty scary at first glance, then beautiful. The exhibit is called “Casa Tomada” (seized house) and the ants represent “…the displacement of peasants due to war and strife. Spreading aggressively over the colonial façades of goverment structures… “. Each of the 1300 ants are over 2 …

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Turning over a rock

It’s just another Sunday at home with the kids until someone turns over the rock. The ant life cycle has five stages… Nuptial flight (flying ants land and mate) Egg (small oval shaped eggs) Larva (grow in size as they are fed by adult ants – look like rice) Pupa (silk-like cocoon – ant body …

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