Guy leaves a note for the ants

This guy is trying the Borax solution and doesn’t want anyone to move it, so he leaves a note for “the people” and a note for the ants. He probably should have also added the line “not a step”. 😉 I'll let you know if this borax mixture works. #ants🐜 A post shared by drjones993… read more »

How to get rid of ants…

Where do they come from? What do they want? How can I get rid of them? Most common ants live outside in the ground, in nests or ant hills. Several hills and nests can make up one colony. The queen ant (which can live up to 30 years) is in charge and is responsible for… read more »

The Borax ant killer formula

How does Borax kill ants? The ants carry it back to their nests to share it with the other ants. When the ants actually start to eat the Borax, boric acid causes them to get really gassy (gas builds up inside their bodies).  Ants don’t get rid of gas like we do, so they eventually… read more »